print example, A3, each one has it’s own unique hue due do individual skin used

Real parchment limited edition prints

Rosemarkie Gospels John Incipit UK price with delivery here, international see below

Printed on real parchment handmade by the artist, these prints are actual size facsimilies of the Rosemarkie Gospel Incipit made for Groam House Museum, digitally lifted and set back on to new parchment. They are each hand glossed in oak bark ink, this is as close as it’s possible to get to owning an insular manuscript. Edition of 75, A3 size so fit easily into a standard frame, sold unframed, support a local picture framer. Check out how the parchment for each print and the original artwork was made here Check out how the ink for the calligraphy on each print was made here more videos to come soon on smelting the pewter stylus to sign them with etc…


Rosemarkie Gospels John Incipit International delivery

same as above, just priced to include international delivery


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