In this residency with Glaschu Beo, I’ve been collaborating with Michael Newton and working on the stories of the Tuath De Danann. Below are some examples of manuscript pages with a graffiti twist created for the project.

When the Gaels first came to Ireland and fought the native tribe of the Tauth De Danann, they didn’t beat them entirely but agreed a truce in which the Tuath continue to live in Ireland, on the underside. They are still there, living in folk memory in parallel to Christian and now post modern society.

The satire of Bres, the earliet poem of the Gaels from the origin story of the Tuath De Danann, here I’ve given it a graffiti makeover, still on parchment though!
Tuath De Danann. Brighid, Ogma, Nuada and the Dagda at their home of Newgrange in Ireland. Brighid is an expert smith and poet. King Nuada lost his arm in battle so had to give up the kingship until his doctor made him a bionic silver arm . The Dagda has a cauldron that never runs dry and a battle club so heavy it has to be pushed on wheels. Ogma invented the ogham alphabet. This piece is on parchment with graffiti markers and a lichen based spray paint for the purple which was a lot of fun to make.
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